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Mixed Orientation Couples

Mixed sexual orientation couples are the relationships where individuals partnering together do not share the same sexual orientation. 

Common examples of couples who pass as a same orientation couple include a bisexual man and heterosexual woman, heterosexual man and bisexual woman, lesbian and bisexual woman, bisexual man and gay man. These mixed orientation couples have issues in their relationship or sex life that are mostly invisible to others. 

Other couples may feel more visible in their mixed orientation relationship because of how "out" they are in their family or community. 

Regardless of visibility, this is a relationship structure that is unique. Your standard couples therapist may not know how to adequately and sensitively dive into the issues that face mixed orientation relationships. If you or someone you love is in a mixed orientation relationship, they will be better off with an experienced couples and sex therapist.

Couples therapy is a safe please for you and your partner to explore what it means for each of you to be in mixed orientation couple, identify the benefits and challenges given your current relationship structure, and help you find ways to be authentic in your identity and relationship. 

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