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Empowering Connections Agency therapists believe that there is hope for change within any relationship. It requires a commitment to your personal and interpersonal work. Our sessions utilize evidenced-based techniques balanced with intuition while making collaboration between the couple and their therapist a primary focus. The pace for effectively working through one or both partners' attachment injuries and trauma history is purposeful and delicate. ​An effective couple's therapist will guide you towards being open about past issues in a meaningful way. The therapist will discourage you from ruminating and allowing the continuance of any unhealthy dynamics. 



​The following are examples of issues that lead participants to seek couples therapy:

  • anxiety in your relationship

  • lack of communication and/or trust

  • desire to increase emotional and/or physical intimacy

  • difficulty managing one or multiple health issues 

  • differing levels of commitment within a relationship

  • infidelity 

  • difficulty navigating different sexual orientations

  • ethical non-monogamy

  • family planning

  • inequity in the division of labor

  • premarital therapy

Given the diversity and complexity within relationships, there is no "one size fits all" model that can tell you what to expect from couples therapy. Some seek help for five intensive sessions. Others pursue couples therapy over the course of three to six months of weekly sessions. 

Whether the issues in your relationship are ongoing or brand new to a specific situation, your therapist can guide you through whatever it is by letting you know what to expect. 

If you are curious about couples therapy, do not wait! Call for a free consultation.

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